Is the use of Anabolic Steroids Legal?

Is the use of Anabolic Steroids Legal?

Human bodies produce all hormones that are required for its growth and proper functioning. There are times that some human bodies are not able to generate the hormones on its own. In these situations the medical professionals provide a prescription that allows the consumers to buy these drugs from outside and consume them. The drugs are not advised to be consumed in case the human body is healthy and producing hormones on its own.

The next question that arises in the minds of the user is the legality of the use of these drugs. The legal anabolic supplements drugs when consumed without prescription are not just risky but also illegal. The medical professionals who provide a prescription conduct careful examination of the body to figure out the dosage.

US, anabolic steroids are Scheduled III substance which is controlled which has potential for misuse and abuse. Other countries may have different laws that restrict the use of these drugs. There are definitely government publications that discourage the use of these drugs except in case of special conditions. Some of the users who are visiting different countries should always be aware of the laws in the country so as to ensure that there is no trouble with the local authorities.


Many of the body builders are often seen consuming these drugs. There are athletes that consume these drugs for various reasons not prescribed. The agencies and authorities are against the use of these drugs especially when any competition is involved. It is common that Athletes and body builders misuse these drugs. It is common around the world and they do not care about the laws which may land them in trouble.

UK made a publication that stated that it is legal to possess Anabolic Steroids when it is carried for personal use.

Carrying legal anabolic supplements is allowed as far as it is done through personal hands. The import and export of these drugs is also legal when it is done one a personal level and not carried on with the help of freight service, or courier service.

When it is established that the drugs are brought in a country without permission, then importing and exporting these drugs are considered illegal. There are strict laws against the misuse of these drugs and one must refrain from any connection whatsoever with the illegal activities being conducted.

The drug which is used under prescription has dosages that are safe and lower compared to the consumption made by body builders and athletes. It is also seen that when it becomes a culture then it has a negative impact on the young generation which finds it cool. There are so many cases of Black-market misuse of these drugs. The teens are often seen consuming these illegally acquired drugs for quick muscle growth and athletic performance. Most of them are not even aware of the hazardous after effects associated with them. This type of sale and consumption should be discouraged at all cost as it spoils the whole generation and hampers with the regular bodily functions.


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