Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Supplements for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Supplements for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Human Growth Hormone releasers are popular dietary supplements in the food supplement market. These supplements are quite effective in increasing the strength and muscle power among bodybuilders. However, due to the availability of multiple products in the market one should choose the most appropriate one.

How Does Human Growth Hormone Work?

Human Growth Hormone is primarily produced by the pituitary gland, which is in the brain. Pituitary is one of the glands which form the body’s endocrine system. The instruction to produce this hormone in the pituitary gland follows from the hypothalamus gland, a gland that is located above pituitary in the brain.

Though pituitary gland is known as the master gland, hypothalamus gland forms a part of the brain, which controls the automatic functions such as breathing, heart rate and temperature etc. The hypothalamus gland ensures the availability of minimum levels of liquids and other essential food components in the body.

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The Process of HGH Formation in the Body

If hypothalamus gland senses that the levels of growth hormone are low in the body, it starts transmitting GHRH i.e. growth hormone-releasing hormone that excites the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone.

If the hypothalamus gland senses that the level of human growth hormone is adequate in the body, it sends instructions to the pituitary gland to discontinue the secretion of growth hormone. It implies that GH levels can fluctuate. This instruction is sent by releasing another hormone known as neurohormone.

Deficiency of Human Growth Hormone in the Body

In case, the pituitary and/or hypothalamus are injured, it becomes difficult for pituitary gland to perform its secretion function well, which leads to deficiency of human growth hormone in the body.

The treatment of human growth hormone’s deficiency depends upon the reason that has led to its shortage. For example, in kids, numerous human growth hormone deficiencies may occur due to genetic or hereditary issues such as Turner syndrome, Noonan syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. Adult human growth hormone deficiency occurs due to some disease, usually traumatic injury and aging process.

In case of decrease in the secretion of human growth hormone, an individual can use various options for completing the deficiency.

One is by using the human growth hormone therapy that includes using growth hormone injection. Another way is by using over the counter supplements or Human Growth Hormone releasers which have contents giving nutritional support to the pituitary gland.


Hope this guide will give you clear idea on the importance of HGH in our body.


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